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Fiona D-Speedie-Leadership Consulting

I understand that for learning to be efective, you need to feel connected and ‘safe’
with your mentor/teacher. Using methods I have developed over 15 years,
I show people how to build trust, and authentically connect with others to
achieve results. Leaders will learn how their communication preferences and
willingness to be bold and share vulnerabilities, impact others and how
they can adapt to the differences within their teams to get results.
My name is Fiona D-Speedie, I have over 20 years learning and development
experience in national and multi-national companies and through my unique
approach, I will help transform your leaders, ensuring that when they return
to the workplace, there will be a real uplift in their effectiveness. I am currently
completing my Doctoral research into innovative and intuitive Leadership
Development Practices and am an accredited Executive coach as well as
DiSC & LSI practitioner, so my workshops are based on the latest research.
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