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Fee Elliott - always cooking something

I am a mum of 3 boys, a wonderful husband and live in Brisbane Australia.  I’m a Nutritionist (BHsc) and work from a clinic based in Carindale.

I’m a great cook and a mean entertainer, Yeah i know you'll want to be my friend :)   

I’m a wanderlust at heart – I was born in the Solomon Islands and love to travel (who doesn’t right?

In my former life as a project manager, I learnt how to master the art of organisation. These days, I put those hard-won skills to use in planning out healthy meals for my family and friends.

I always make time to cook at home – yep, it takes longer than opening up a packet or tin but I believe that good things always take time.

Do you want to feel inspired with cooking? Have the confidence to create nutritious meals? Do you want to learn more about nutrition and wellness? Well, come cook with us.

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