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Expansive Learning Network

 What is the Expansive Learning Network?


Coordinated by the Geelong Region Local Learning and Employment Network Inc (GRLLEN), the Expansive Learning Network (ELN) brings together teachers, other educators and a wide range of committed community partners who are passionate about learning for the real world, undertaking and publishing action research and sharing the fruits of our enquiries.  


Expansive Learning Network members are committed to the idea that 21st Century learning is about expanding people’s capacities to deal with real-world complexity and uncertainty. 


ELN members want to explore ways in which this vision can be turned into a practical reality and know that nobody has all the answers. They know that really providing expansive learning opportunities is vital and difficult but, with help, is possible.


Who is the Expansive Learning Network for?


The Expansive Learning Network is likely to appeal to schools, other education providers, community agencies, government organisations at all levels, industry bodies, individual business operators, and the wide variety of networks which exist in the G21 Region. Those who take part in our events are, or would like to be, involved in a variety of approaches to expansive learning including: 


  • Better understanding the structural changes occurring in the labour market
  • Developing strategies to deal with the potential dislocation of workers who are at risk of being replaced by new technologies
  • Building a community wide approach to dealing with the many and complex issues facing regional communities
  • Understanding and developing the capacity for regional leadership in conjunction with other groups
  • Real World Learning

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