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EVOLVE Transformational Life Coaching -

Evolve Clarity Coaching is known for cutting through confusion and uncertainty to uncover clarity, for shining light on positive, practical options and for empowering its clients to discover a clear path forward with a newfound sense of motivation and purpose. 

1.       Evolve Clarity Coaching offers an innovative approach to personal change through superior insights into life blocks and how to overcome them.

2.       It provides gentle, nurturing guidance and a holistic understanding of the individual, thereby delivering personalised lasting results.

3.       Our Chief Clarity Guide, Rose Febo, learned from personal experience how to achieve professional success, personal health and fulfilment and how to balance the two. 

Welcome to Evolve Clarity Coaching and congratulations on taking the first step towards a clearer, happier and more purposeful life.  I’ve been helping people overcome their blocks and achieve their goals since 2010, and it is my greatest joy to help people who were once stuck, clouded and discontented to leave behind negative patterns and create the life they’ve always wanted for themselves. 

My own path to fulfilment and balance has taught me so much, and is an ongoing journey and learning process.  I was once outwardly fulfilled, while inside I was genuinely discontented.  I was not finding joy in my personal or professional life, and was well and truly stuck in a self-destructive mentality and did not know why. What I did know was that something had to change and fast.   So I began to study what it means to have true mental and physical health and collaborated with teachers and mentors to guide me.  I became thoroughly interested in holistic paths to contentment, which included Eastern spiritual philosophies as well as Western therapies and techniques.  I subsequently made significant changes in my life and in rediscovering my own peace, I also decided to further my studies and develop expertise in how to bring this clarity to others. 

I can now say that I have passed on my experience to many others who are enjoying the benefits of reviving significant areas of their lives.  I am dedicated and creative and see every new person for who they are, bringing a unique story and their own obstacles to overcome.  My purpose is to support and work with people to value themselves, acknowledge the agency they possess to find solutions, and empower them to walk forward with a newfound sense of motivation and purpose.  

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