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Evelyn Olivares

Leadership Evolves... | What if, all your life, there was a secret language you always wanted to understand? What if, after years of searching, you finally found a translation for that language? What if, at long last, you began hearing the meaning behind the words? What if, you were suddenly able to fully express yourself in that language, and make your ideas heard?

That's what Leadership Evolves is all about; learning to speak the language of communication, gaining a true understanding of people around you, and letting your ideas be heard.

Evelyn Olivares is the creator of Leadership Evolves, NLP EVolution and Coach Training Academy,  all of which form part of the Real Focus Leadership Project. This where you'll find an array of innovative teaching and a dynamic set of F2F and virtual training and coaching that cuts through the noise in creating and maintaining ideal personal and business relationships. Cutting edge tools that are designed to arm you with simple tools to pinpoint the pressure points on what’s holding you back in your personal relationships and professional lives.

Evelyn blends powerful code in human behavior and shares with you how by diving deep, you can easily identify what really makes you tick, find what obsesses you and possesses you to do the things you do to self sabotage in your professional and personal relationships.

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