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Evalesco Financial Services

Consider the old adage “money doesn’t buy you happiness”. When you first hear this statement, you might raise an eyebrow in disagreement or a smile as you think back to what Mum might have said to you when growing up.  In our opinion though, and it's based on plenty of experience, the statement is completely true.

Money without health and happiness won’t get the job done and that is why we seek to empower and support those in our community to have Healthy Bodies, Wealthy Wallets and Happy Minds.

Yes, we are just a little bit different to your usual financial services firm. 

So how can we help you achieve the best life possible?

We work with our clients to help them achieve their life goals, not just financial goals. We want you to use your money to make choices about how to live your life, to get back some quality time whilst having more certainty and less stress. That way, all the parts of your life can work in sync with each other.
Even though it’s serious business, we love working with our clients and some fun along the way. You can call us your FUNancial team. 

What does Evalesco mean?

It is Latin and means to grow strong, prevail or to have value. It is pronounced EVER LESS CO, and if you say it a few times it should just roll off your tongue. 

How do we perform for YOU?

To achieve the best possible life for you isn’t as easy as flicking a switch, or pushing a button. We wish it was that simple! There is a bit of a Life-Plan and Financial workout needed, and we are the “coach” to ensure that you do what you need to do, to get the results that you are seeking.

Creating your plan is only part of the process, the doing and taking action is even more important, and that is where our ongoing support and coaching comes in.

We help you implement it, we report it, we track it, and we use our expertise to get it performing for you.

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