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Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment

Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment was established in 2017, affiliated to Eureka International Group. It was built to serve as a major platform for technology innovation and investment for small/medium-sized enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region. Our leading-edge platform promotes international matchmaking for technology projects, capital raising and government recourses. It is helping achieve the synergies in cross-collaboration between global capital markets and industrial technology. In realisation of this goal, we have established a strategic partnership with Zhongguancun Group (China's Silicon Valley), City of Jinan, Australia China Health Accelerator, Eastern Innovation Business Center, Australia Chinese Association for Chinese Biomedical Sciences among other leading professional partnerships. Each year, we organise our renown “International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Trip to China” and “ANZ Innovation Trip”. These iconic events promote the commercialization of scientific achievements as well as assisting in financial and research collaborations between China and Australia.

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