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We all have clarity, vision, passion and purpose within us.

But sometimes in life, a blanket of fog covers us. 

That blanket, could disguise itself as your work or job, looking after your children and running them around to sports and playdates, your partner or boss expecting more of your time, birthday parties, work functions, weddings, engagements, weekly chores, all of these events filling up our time causing us to feel anxious, scattered and frantic. 


And sometimes, we cant even see what the fog is. We know it's there because we feel empty, lonely, sad and depressed. In a sense, it's completely numbing, and it's so thick we can't see our way through it. 

Empowered Self is about giving you the opportunity to lift the fog. It’s about empowering you to be able to let light shine upon you, from within.


You can have the confidence, focus, clarity and vision of what your want your life to look like. You can find the healthy balance between being a great support to others and being a great support to your own needs. 

Many of my clients come to me on a regular basis to maintain balance and clarity in their day to day lives while others seek assistance spontaneously in times of heavy darkness, stress, anxiety, depression, and that feeling of being "stuck in a rut."

My purpose, my passion, my vision is to empower you to feel empowered!

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