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Employment Services Training

For the last 5 years, we have been assisting employment practitioners to place more people into sustainable employment, as well as helping their jobseekers build the skills and confidence to gain employment.


From the employment practitioner’s perspective, we understand that although your job is rewarding, it has its challenges. We get that it's nerve-racking to pick up the phone and make that cold call to employers. We get that many times your jobseeker would rather be somewhere else than sitting across the desk from you. And, we also get that it's not easy keeping someone in sustainable employment.



From the jobseeker's perspective, we get that it’s not easy being unemployed. We understand the constant rejection is not helping your self-esteem. And, we also get that you’re probably feeling less than motivated to find a job.


That’s why we have created training and coaching programs that are tailored to both employment practitioners and their jobseekers.


Our workshops, coaching, and consultations have helped thousands of people across Australia with not only their skills, but also mindset.


Get in contact with us today and let’s see how we can help you.



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