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Emily Rovere - Founder & Creative Director of Project S.H.E

Emily Rovere founded the Project S.H.E Network in 2012 (formerly Soul Balance Wellbeing).

As a young ambitious woman studying her Masters in Osteopathy, completing her Pilates Diploma and preparing to set up her own business, Emily was progressing through life as she had always expected - thinking she had set herself up for a chapter of love, happiness and success.

Soon after connecting with her passions in life, Emily was challenged with the news that would truly be a sliding doors moment in her journey. Emily was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. 

Although there are far worse diseases to be diagnosed with, and Emily was luckily a case that could be treated safely and effectively, no-one likes to hear those words as a diagnosis. 

This was the first of many signs that Emily ignored when pursuing love, happiness and success outside of herself.

She went on to build two successful Osteopathic Clinics in Melbourne, founded Soul Balance Retreats, and began her journey as a Life Coach and Business Woman. She began to travel the world, fell in love and was always surrounded by family and friends.

And yet... there was still something missing. An emptiness inside.

Five years later, a wrist injury, adrenal exhaustion, relationship break downs, some epic business fails and an empty bank balance... something needed to change.

For the first time ever, Emily decided to surrender and trust the process.

And Project S.H.E was born.

Emily is passionate about sharing the many lessons from her own personal health and entrepreneurial journey as she continues to evolve into the next version of herself. Her philosophy is that we all have a story to share, we all experience the same emotions and challenges as women. The true power is when we set our authentic selves free, step into our full potential, and unite our wisdom to empower each other to grow, and to experience true self-worth.

The S.H.E Summit is a representation and celebration of many transformations through the project. The beginning of the next evolving chapter.

It is time to discover who S.H.E is.


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