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Natural therapies, self care and nourishing the mind and body rank highly in what I deem to be important in life (and my family of two small people).   I hope to pass this attitude onto my children for a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Taking care of you first, should be a priority in your life.   

How can you possibly take care of others if you do not look after yourself first?


I welcome the opportunity to:-

* share my knowledge and experience with you in anticipation that I can point you in a different direction to the one you're on...perhaps putting you on the path to a happier, healthier, wealthier life... the one you deserve.

* tap you into techniques that have worked for me or professionals that have greatly supported me or my children during some of life's most stressful and painful circumstances.

I look forward to being in your company and hopefully helping you in some way.  Maybe you'll help me too.... 


If attending a class/group is not your thing,  that's OK - I get it.  Get in touch with me on facebook at ELChemy Essentials to organise a time to suit you. 

Oh - I teach kids yoga too,  you can look me up at

and I believe we should teach our children mindfulness at school and one day hope to have these two amazing humans attend our school








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