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EarthSpirit Pathways

I am an international psychic intuitive, Master practitioner, channel and emotional healer who works as a bridge between this and the other world. My life purpose is to anchor ancient teachings and work in service to take others on pilgrimages to assist those who also seek to help and to heal others on their path in this world, by working in service. 

I work with the medium of Esential Oils and the Akashic Records, conducting spiritual tours to Egypt and other energetic centres of the Earth, assisting others on their journey to Love. As an embodiment of the archetype of the Ancient Priestess I have lived many lives working with Essential Oils for personal empowerment, healing and emotional wellbeing. 

I was spontaneously initiated as a medium and channel for Ancient Egyptian consciousness and am now fully embraced by the Egyptian healing community for my work connecting people with thier personal power engaging shamanic wisdom, the Akashic Records, Essential Oils and Reiki to assist those who are willing to surrender to the call of the universe at this time. 

Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall

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