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Dr Monique Beedles

My events help leaders to implement innovation into the daily work of their teams, to reduce risk, keep control and remain relevant.

I've always been excited by innovation. I started my career as a research scientist in an industry with a clear imperative to innovate. I pursued my PhD in Corporate Strategy to better understand how companies make the strategic decisions that enable innovation. 20 years on, every industry has an imperative to innovate. 

In my work as a board director and corporate advisor, I'm passionate about reducing the risks of innovation to improve company performance and create real value. Combining my technical understanding with my business experience creates exciting opportunities to drive significant outcomes. 

In the heavy industries I work with, such as mining, rail, port, utilities and defence, there is a strong focus on risk management. This is essential, but sometimes it can get in the way of trying new ideas.

My Cambium Circle working lunches bring together thinkers at the heart of innovation to explore ideas and make connections.

I relish the chance to help great thinkers bring their innovative ideas to the world. 

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