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Dr Matt Hamilton From Up! Chiropractic

We created Up! Chiropractic in 2005 following, we wanted to really fill a need in the local community and that was to provide the very best chiropractic and health care that we could.

We wanted to do this based on being highly professional, transparently honest and at the same time show off our warm and loving side by bringing a human feel to the science of chiropractic and nerve function.

Our vision is to give all people an option or a strategy to work on their health that they might not be aware of, in a professional, caring environment. We exist to check people for spinal misalignment, remove it and then educate people how not to re-create it!

We make sure that we always spend time in-house, educating, and hopefully inspiring, people about the things they can do to live a healthier life (this is actually something we do for free!) Why? Because we want to make a small difference in our community by improving everyone’s health – if that is what they want.

You see, health to me isn’t just about not being sick, you know, like bowel irritability, fertility issues or headaches. It’s not just about not having an ache or a pain – it’s about living your best life, being the absolute best YOU can be. Having plenty of energy, having a well-functioning digestive system, thinking clearly and knowing the difference between a decision that moves you away from health and one that moves you towards it!

If YOU want improved health or an ‘outside-the-box’ health check then let us know, we would love to meet you and hopefully provide you with some strategies to live a healthier life for yourself and your loved ones.


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