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Dr Joe Skuse

Tallangatta & Kiewa Veterinary Clinics

Located in the Alpine Valleys of north east Victoria, on the banks of the Hume Weir and servicing the surrounds. Our friendly staff provide a wide range of veterinary related services encompassing both production and companion animal species.


Our veterinarians are trained in both manual and ultrasound pregnancy testing in Beef & Dairy Cattle. Also 2 of our vets are accredited with PREG CHECK the national cattle pregnancy diagnosis scheme run by the Australian Cattle Veterinarians.


The clinic offers a wide variety of herd health services involving both the management and treatment of animals.


Our veterinarians regularly see sick and injured cows, sheep, and alpacas to investigate, diagnose and treat their problems. Animals are generally seen on the farm, although the smaller production animals and horses can also be seen at the clinic.


The clinic offers herd management programs and advice, including but not limited to:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis – both manual and ultrasound
  • Bull fertility and semen testing – Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations
  • Herd synchronization programs
  • Drench resistance issues and faecal egg counts
  • Individual animal medical and surgical consultations
  • Herd fertility programs
  • Mastitis investigations 
  • Herd disease investigations
  • Abortion investigations
  • Nutritional advice, transitional feeding programs and heifer management
  • Johnes and Pestivirus programs


Joe Skuse hails from Queensland originally and has worked in northern and north-west NSW for 5 years before moving down to join Tallangatta Veterinary Clinic in 2015.


Joe has particular interest in cattle production medicine and is mostly found out on farm these days. He has done further training in equine dentistry and lameness, is a skilled examiner in bull fertility and is an accredited cattle pregnancy tester with the Australian Cattle Veterinarians.


Joe has settled into Victorian life, spending plenty of spare time on mountain bike tracks. He was once a keen (but not all that skilled) footballer, with history in almost all codes, though feels he has hit retirement age for playing, so watches instead!


Torquil McKillop originates from Shoreham in southern Victoria and joined Tallangatta Veterinary Clinic in 2012 following graduation from Charles Sturt University.


You will have likely met Torquil over the years on the valley runs each week, during a late-night calving or on the cricket oval of a weekend.


Torquil enjoys all aspects of rural mixed practice and is an experienced ultrasound and manual cattle pregnancy tester.  He is also well trained and experienced in Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations and many other aspects of Dairy and Beef Production.  

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