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Dr Brad

Dr. Brad a accomplished Cartomancer (Card Reader), Osteomancer (Bone Reader), Crystallomancer (Crystal Ball Reader) and Astrologer, who brings people the mystery's of the old world. He has owned professional Botanica's (Herb, crystal and witchcraft shops) and has travelled the world reading cards, making music and bringing his unique talents to many different people. 

Dr Brad has trained for well over two decades in the arts of Sorcery and he continues his ancient family traditions. He has studied under a wide variety of Sorcerers, Brujo’s, Hoodoo’s, Mambo’s, Houngan’s and Southern Root Doctors and he is helping those who may be crossed, who have spells, who can’t hold money, want Luck, lovers back, wish to gain financial aid, peace, love or prosperity. He is also accomplished at Justice work, House cleansing’s (In traditional southern style), protection work and is also available for private tuition. In addition to Sorcery Dr Brad is a energetic fine artist, DJ and fashionista. He runs workshops on Sorcery, hoodoo, tarot, bones and Crystals.

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