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Domino Effect Consulting & Facilitating

Alexandra Egan launched The Domino Effect Consulting & Facilitating in 2015, with the mission to build high performing teams, by empowering individuals to perform at their very best by levering on their strengths, to help organisations build high-performing and engaged teams. To do this, she assesses and develops the skills they already have, and then helps them bring out their best to drive high performance and achieve bottom line.

The Domino Effect Consulting & Facilitating represents the culmination of three decades of study in human behavior, research and practical experience.

Beginning her career working in corporate and then within the largest employer of the public sector, Alexandra honed her expertise across three key areas:

  • Self -awareness - focusing on two key things: where you are currently and where you want to be moving forward. Asking probing questions, Alexandra helps individuals identify all options available and decide which of the options to rule out and which to pursue.
  • Group training, to elevate teams to the next level, dramatically increase morale and maximise productivity
  • One on one coaching and mentoring, to develop inspirational leadership and outstanding communication skills

Clients engage Alexandra for her expertise in human behavior and her proven results achieved through extensive involvement in strategic planning and innovative business ideas, resulting in increases to productivity, efficiency and profit, devising ways to improve systems and procedures that are the structure that keeps the organisation on track . A results orientated professional, committed to achieving outcomes and devising ways to improve systems and procedures.

Alexandra's ability to connect with people, cultivate relationships and remove obstacles to build trust, unleashes the creative talents of individuals, which drives positive change, measurable results and rewarding outcomes.

She is able to hold the necessary 'difficult' conversations, combined with a collaborative and pragmatic approach, forming a unique combination that sets her apart from the rest.



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