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Are you a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur who is having a tough time increasing sales, finding new clients and making enough money?

Or maybe you’re stuck in a job, doing work that you don’t love, wanting to quit it to start your own business and you don’t know where to start

Or perhaps you’re a self-employee who is trading time for money and struggling to get new clients or you’re a student who didn’t enter the workforce yet

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, keep reading! You’ll be surprised to find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer? Or why the great students at school work for the not too good students? 

And why do so many want to be successful and wealthy, but so few are? How can we change our attitude to achieve every single goal? 

With the right, attitude, mindset, skill-set and establishing the right habits, wealth and success can be achievable by everyone. 

Learn how…

to harness the fundamentals of Wealth and Success regardless the type of business you have or you want to build, your passion or your dreams. Master them and you will achieve success beyond your imagination to DO LESS and GET MORE


The fundamentals of Wealth and Success
Where you are now in terms of your desires and achievements 
How what we learn at early age can be an obstacle for success and how to avoid it
The importance of general and specialised knowledge and the right skill-set
The importance of health for success
How attitude affects everyone’s success whether they know it or not 
The importance of setting goals 
How to manage your time more effectively 
The importance of networking in business. How to leverage your efforts and get more while doing less 
The importance of taking action for success
Where you want to be and how to get there



Blanca grew up with high traditional competitive education values along with a great desire of being wealthy. Coming from a family with financial challenges, Blanca was taught by her parents that the only way to overcome poverty was by being a great student and become a competitive professional to get a good job.

Having a Bachelor degree in Computer Science has been a great advantage for Blanca to get good jobs. When years passed Blanca understood she could not achieve her financial freedom through a job and she quickly realised something was missing in her life.

Blanca found out that getting a good job is only good for being comfortable. You can never be truly financially free or wealthy by trading time for money. Blanca also found out that higher education like university and college degrees doesn’t teach us anything about earning money or becoming wealthy.

Blanca then went on to find out that there are many types of education. Using the power of mentors, she has read dozens of business and personal development books and attended leading-edge seminars. With her extensive knowledge, passion and burning desire of success, Blanca became a successful Entrepreneur and business owner. Applying all the accumulated knowledge from her mentors and her own experience, Blanca is now training, helping and educating others on how to reach their financial freedom. Blanca is helping people compress decades into days!

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