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Dina Cooper

Leaders and corporate executives have a very delicate balance to maintain work and family: Managing the demands of work and home; Not letting career take a backseat; And maintaining growth and development, whilst growing family and being a positive, healthy role model for a child.

Parent as Leader is a proactive approach to supporting parents to align family and work and create a positive environment in both domains.

As a mum to two boys ages 11 and 12 with a down-to-earth thriving career and family, I authored the book Smart Parenting - How to Develop Your Child's Mindset, Courage and Resilience for the Future of Work to promote the understanding of changing needs of raising kids in today’s society and how we as parents need to parent smarter not harder.

My work has been featured in: Practical Parenting, Good Health, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, ABC Radio, Futureproofing podcast and others.

Together, let's raise a generation of extraordinary leaders and make family and work, work. 

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