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Digital Help Desk

Born into a virtual world of online everything, eCommerce and Social Media is a big part of my genes. I spend most of our time either keeping up to date with the latest happenings in our industry or engaging with both startups and established businesses to find creative solutions to their digital problems.

About Me:

Atena is a Digital Strategist & Consultant.

Over the past six years, she’s worked on many e-commerce projects for some of Australia’s largest e-commerce businesses. Atena is the nerds behind the scenes that have helped many e-commerce businesses become a true success story by helping them to increase their traffic, conversion rate, and sale, by 15%-350% YOY.

Atena has extensive experience in SEM, EDM, digital strategy, increasing traffic and optimising e-commerce websites. She is also an Omnichannel specialist and has helped many businesses to rank #1 in eBay, Amazon, Google shopping etc. 

Using my vast experience, I have launched Digital Help Desk to provide several products that can take your website to the next level- increase traffic, leads and sales.

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