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I started personal development 16 years ago and I became a certified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher. I put together many different approaches from Psychology, Meditation, Regression teqniques, NLP, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Spirituality including Buddhism, other disciplines, healing methods, together with my own experience. Through meditation I lead my clients to a new way of being. Applying the latest Neuroscience breakthroughs during meditation,  changes the mind patterns, you become happier and healthier. I believe we can’t find the right answers to our suffering in the unconscious mind. You will end up in confusion and exhaustion. The mind is working with repetition and asking yourself-what you think, will make your problems stronger and bigger. Having said that, the unconscious mind is a big foundation to reach the conscious part of us. For this reason, I start first with “what is I AM?” to make you self-aware. It’s where the different methods and wider perspective work efficiently. I see amazing changes in my clients in a very short period of time. It’s so fantastic to see them reconnecting with themselves, their lives and creating great relationships with others. The first thing I tell them is they can reverse everything in their life and everything is achievable when they reconnect with themselves.We hold each other’s hand and start working to create fantastic results. Great things can only be achieved with openness and connectedness.

I devoted myself to “what one can achieve” in life and my motto is “There is no un-lived moment”.

I hope to meet you soon, I would love to hear from you.


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