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Democracy for Dinner

Democracy for Dinner - Sharing the burden of democracy

Democracy for Dinner (D4D) is platform for reinvigorating individual and collective interest and trust in our democracy as a mechanism for change in the places where we live.

Our events cover social, economic and environmental policy issues, as well as alternative models for democracy including mechanisms for representation, voting, and borader concepts of community governance and decision making. We encourage balanced views and a non-partisan approach to ensure events are inclusive and informative.

Speakers explore a topical policy issue or democracy innovation relevant to the local community where the conversations are based, and apply both a local and national lens. The speakers learn through teaching, and share the burden of being informed, engaged citizens with fellow attendees.

Events are held over dinner in a relaxed, conversational environment, and offer a way to engage with locals in your area. 

On occasion we will run larger public events to stimulate community conversation and action.


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