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Hi Mike Sikar here, I have 23 years wealth management experience in stockbroking and financial planning founding Delta Financial Group in 2011. I started Delta Financial Group because I wanted to have a clear value proposition in a fee conscious world to help clients “create an income for life”.

I would say we are more than simply financial planners, we are confidants, coaches, strategists, project managers, partners and often friends, who will care about your financial decisions and how they affect your family and your life.

I’ve also been featured as a finance expert on Sky Business and was nominated by Financial Standard as one of the 50 most influential social media users in finance.

I help my clients answer these questions
➡ How can I manage my money during the coronavirus market downturn?
➡ Whether to pay off your home or invest in shares, property or super?
➡ How to maximise the benefits from your employee share scheme / restricted stock units
➡ How to plan for unexpected taxes when your company shares vest
➡ How do I build my super and other assets to fund a retirement that goes the distance

At we provide the following services:
1. Financial planning
2. Wealth management
3. Pre-retirement planning
4. Personal finance and money advice
5. Employee share scheme / restricted stock unit advice
6. Superannuation / SMSF advice
7. Personal insurance

I’m here to help you answer all your personal finance questions. To book a free 15 minute strategy call follow this link –

I share regular videos, eBooks and tips and am available for podcast interviews and media commentary on topics related to personal finance and money.

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