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Debra Wakefield - Empowered to Birth

Debra is a qualified midwife with over 13 years experience working in Public and Private Hospitals throughout Metropolitan and Regional settings. She birthed all of her 4 babies with a confidence and trust in her body as well as a stamina to face any hurdle that may have got in her way. Debra's passion for women to be Empowered to Birth their babies came about through seeing so many women who didn't know how to tap into the inner resources we all possess.  It was seeing that many women lacked this - which took Debra on a search. Discovering and teaching the Calm Birth course in 2007. Then finding the BEST course available in Hypnobirthing Australia (TM) which has opened her eyes to the inner workings of the mind/body connection and how to tap into instinctive ways we all possess. 

Birthing Basics is NOT a replacement for the full 12-hour Hypnobirthing course. It does however touch on what is needed to embrace birth with a positive mindset. Birthing Basics goes one step further into the medical side of birth - which at times is necessary for some mothers and babies.

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