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Deadly Collective

Welcome to Deadly Collective! You are invited to come on a journey exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture. Facilitated by experienced Indigenous artists and cultural advisors, you'll have the opportunity to create and learn traditional practices in a culturally safe way. Your participation will directly support the growth and success of our collective of self employed artists and 10% of all ticket sales are donated to different registered Indigenous charities each month.


Who owns Deadly Collective?

No one owns
Deadly Collective. It is a community category Facebook page used to represent a group of self employed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists and Cultural Advisors (the collective). The words 'Deadly Collective' and logo are used under license for marketing purposes to promote all workshops offered as a unified brand. The collective engage, Castleton Consulting, a social media marketing service provider to advertise the workshops.

Where does the money from tickets purchased go?

Total ticket sales for each workshop are paid from Eventbrite directly to the self employed workshop Facilitator. 10.00% of total ticket sales are donated by the Facilitator to their chosen registered Indigenous charity.

What information is shared in the workshops?

All the information shared by Facilitators is already available in the public domain. No secret business is shared. All Facilitators must provide the information they wish to share to their community Elders and seek approval. All images published and shared are held under an approved license.

Do you support Indigenous charities?

Yes, each Facilitator will nominate and directly donate 10.00% of ticket sales to their chosen charity. Donations are made on a monthly basis and the charity must be a registered and approved Indigenous charity through the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Can non indigenous people participate?

Yes, we encourage the participation of non-indigenous people. There is no secret business shared (see - What information is shared in the workshops?
). All of Deadly Collective's workshops are an educational opportunity for non-indigenous people to learn more about the rich culture, art and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. During the registration process non-indigenous people must agree to only participating for educational purposes.

What equipment will I need to join the online sessions?

Each participant will be posted a kit with all of the art equipment required. You will need an internet connected computer or hand held device with a compatible camera, speakers and microphone to join the online session.

Who can I contact if I require further information?

Please feel free to contact Student Services in writing via email

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