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CWCFS trading as Darling Square Community Bank Branch of Bendigo

About City West Community Financial Services Limited

City West Community Financial Services (CWCFS) was formed in 2007 to enable an offer of a franchise agreement to operate a Bendigo Bank branch in Pyrmont.

A prospectus was issued and $950,000 of shares capital was raised to establish and operate Pyrmont Community Bank in Union Square, Harris Street, Pyrmont. The branch was opened for business on 9th December 2009.

The name of the company was specifically chosen so as not to limit geographically the operating precinct. It was always the intention of the Board of Directors to expand the operation of the company to the Ultimo, Darling Harbour and Haymarket areas.

Come and visit our new community branch at Darling Square where our goal is to raise the bar on customer service and engagement.

Your new community bank branch is open from Tuesday November 26th 2019.  The new branch is located at the corner of Harbour And Little Pier Streets, Haymarket (a few stops away in the light rail)

Our roots are in Pyrmont where our love and support for customers and events in Pyrmont will continue. 

We look forward to delighting our customers with events and successes. Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram.

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