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Cuppa Cha Tea Specialist HQ

2017 World Tea Brewing Champion Tania Stacey,  founder of Cuppa Cha is passionate about Taking Tea Appreciation to the next level.  The classes in Tea Education covers the details needed to make great tea purchases and brew with confidence at home.  Her SpeakTEAsy sessions with hard to source teas are hosted from various locations around Australia. Cuppa Cha has built a reputation on exquisite and quality teas from around the world directly source from small independant tea estates.  Regular visits to the organic or ISO2200 approved tea estates has developed deeper relationships with the tea farmers, building upon Tania's tea knowledge and experience.  All collaborators to the supply chain are committed to ethical sourcing and fair trade to ensure everyone receives a fair price for their contribution.  Cuppa Cha does not view tea as a commodity but a speciality crafted beverage.

Cuppa Cha can be contacted for all aspects of industry training and consulting, event workshops including Tea & Food or Tea & Whiskey, Traditional and Crafted Brewing & Serving styles, Introduction to Tea Discovery and advanced classes in tea processing, tea cultivars and rare teas.

SpeakTEAsy sessions are for the curious or hard core tea drinkers.  To be considered as an alternative to the alcohol or coffee scene, meet with friends to indulge in sharing and connecting as you taste a selection of hard to source teas.

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