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Crazee T's Events.

Toni Brown has been called crazy for the amount of time she puts into community charity events and car shows, so she decided to turn it into a business. When left with the conundrum of what to call her new business, it became an obvious choice. After all, who else would be crazy enough to join charities and community groups together with car groups, and actually make it a fun day for everyone involved?


It's not really fair to say that Toni LOVES her cars, she is a little bit obsessed by them. So much so that she had to trade in the old HX 1 tonner ute for a sedan so the family could spend more time with her.

The only other thing that Toni is totally passionate about, is community groups being given a fair go. This is why every event hosted by Crazee T's Community Events is a co-operative with other charities, making sure the money is shared across the community. As much as possible, all activities and food vendors are asked to keep their pricing within a reasonable range so that families can enjoy a great day out, without having to spend a fortune.


Free displays and activities are always the first priority for every Crazee T's event, usually starting with great car and bike displays. Uniquely Toni has some connections with the motor racing world, allowing her to have a unique display of tractor pull cars, rock climbers, monster trucks, drag racing cars and heaps more.


If you have a community fundraiser that you'd like some help with, give Toni a call. She'll be happy to plan the whole event, or help you bring in some of the attractions.

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