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Company Auditions | Beaumaris Theatre Inc.

Director Colin Armstrong | Musical Director Malcom Huddle | Choreography Mon & Tess Sabbatucci


Company follows Bobby, a commitment-phobic 35-year-old New Yorker through a musical dissection of love and relationships. Aided by the advice of his mostly married couple friends, Bobby juggles the pros and cons of marriage with an endearing skepticism that will have audiences laughing and nodding in recognition.


Audition Dates

Wednesday 30 January, Friday 1 February 7pm - 10pm

Saturday 2 February 4pm - 8pm

Sunday 3 February 4pm -7pm


Call-backs Wednesday 6 & Friday 8 February 7pm – 10pm


Audition Details

All auditionees are required to prepare 2 songs in differing musical theatre styles that are essentially their party pieces. Be mindful of the show and where it sits in style and genre. Most importantly sing what you love to sing!

You must provide sheet music in the key you will perform. An audition pianist will be at the auditions however you are welcome to provide your own. No backing track or unaccompanied auditions will be considered. You may be asked to sing a scale or test your vocal range with the musical director.

The production team would like to encourage couples who both perform, to come and audition together - you only need to book one audition time. You can state at the time if you only want to be considered as a couple or individually. All potential casting options will be considered and discussed at the time.

There will be no separate dance audition for this show but auditionees may be asked to move during their individual auditions. You may be asked to read from a script.


How to book an audition

Click on an audition time below and complete the short form. If you have any questions please contact us on


For more information about auditions and full character descriptions head to



ROBERT (Bobby) (Male 30---35) Range: G3 --- G5 (Bari/Tenor)

The Girlfriends

APRIL (Female 25---35) Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

KATHY (Female 25---35) Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

MARTA (Female 20---30) Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

The Couples

SARAH (Female 30---40) Range: A3 ---A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

HARRY (Male 35---45) Range: A3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)

JENNY (Female 30---40) Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

DAVID (Male 30---40) Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)

SUSAN (Female 30---40) Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

PETER (Male 30---40) Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)

JOANNE (Female 40---50)  Range: G3 --- B5 (Mezzo/Sop)

LARRY (Male 45---55) Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)

AMY (Female 25---35) Range: G3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

PAUL (Male 30---40) Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)


Key Dates 

Rehearsals will begin on Monday 11 February 2019. Initially rehearsals will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays, shifting to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in late-March. Rehearsal weekends will be April 6 & & and May 4 & 5.


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