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Coalition of Everyone

The Coalition of Everyone has been established so we can engage in participatory democracy through People’s Assemblies and Citizens’ Assemblies to collectively respond to the climate crisis.

We believe that to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies we have to overcome democratic disconnect by removing the barriers to change, and to overcome democratic disconnect by removing barriers to participatory democracy. Democracy improves the more people participate. And the climate emergency needs everyone involved.

We can do this by re-engaging diverse voices of people through both a People’s Assembly framework (which is informed by social and ecological justice and a human rights agenda), and the need for formal Citizen’s Assemblies, through all levels of society and governance.

Our vision is to increase participation and trust in democracy; help engage, mobilise and support communities to achieve zero emissions as soon as is humanly possibly; and capacity building for People’s, Youth, Student and Citizen’s Assemblies, as integral to building community and growing resilience.

We need to bring people, communities, organisations, business, sector and government together to develop collective responses to the climate emergency. In other words, we need to build a Coalition of Everyone to work together, moving together, at the same time and in the same direction through this emergency.


Who are we?
The Coalition of Everyone founders are; Sonia Randhawa, consultant on media democratisation; Susan Porter, project lead and design process manager from Bar Studio; and Willow Berzin, a creative strategist and experience designer from FullCircle Studio; in collaboration with Deep Democracy facilitator, Pru Gell.
We are a group of deeply concerned citizens bringing people together, to unlock deep system change by celebrating our differences and diversity, against the threat of climate catastrophe, for a sustainable, creative, socially and ecologically just future.


We acknowledge First Nations Peoples of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands as the custodians of the unceded lands upon which we conduct activities and the enormous challenges that the climate crisis is playing on land, ocean, biosphere, biodiversity and people. We acknowledge the importance of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in the process of addressing the climate emergency, and also acknowledge the people of the Pacific region as also being at the forefront of the climate emergency. Furthermore, we acknowledge that Australia is in a climate emergency and that actions and solutions for a carbon neutral and an environmental and socially just transition need to be developed and implemented immediately. Our aim is to accelerate change for a just transition, starting locally but thinking and acting globally.

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