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The Club Kidpreneur Foundation is a not-for-profit social enterprise existing to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in children on an international level.

Our ambition is to make having your own business ‘cool’ again. We want to reach every primary school kid across the globe, to spark their entrepreneurial spirit and build business acumen, confidence and resilience, so they can choose entrepreneurship as their future career and use business as a force for good. We are committed to assisting kids start and grow their own micro-enterprises in order that one-day they may choose entrepreneurship as a career.

Club Kidpreneur launched in September 2010 and engages a large and dynamic network of volunteer entrepreneurs who work in schools, in the community and online to deliver interactive business programs for 8-12 year olds that are innovative, practical and inclusive of all kids regardless of background. 

Our activities have the potential to reach as many as 2 million primary school kids, and provide the inspiration, tools and support for them to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. We are excited about our ambitious plans to expand the breadth and depth of our programs and make them available nationally and internationally.


Through our programs we:

  • Give perspective on business and the value of money
  • Have kids consider entrepreneurial endeavour as a career choice
  • Develop business literacy 
  • Integrate and supplement standard learning objectives with our real-world experiential programs
  • Provide safe and secure opportunities to practice business skills
  • Embrace all learning styles
  • Encourage creativity and experimentation
  • Reward achievement 
  • Foster initiative, responsibility and learning from success and failure in the entrepreneurial journey
  • Build motivation, confidence and resilience
  • Harness entrepreneurial spirit for social and environmental good

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