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Claire Eaton ~ Australia's positive voice for tween & teen self-esteem

Passion plus experience
Claire Eaton has a story that is positive, uplifting and easy for teens to hear and understand. Claire's tale isn't a survivor story or rags to riches, nor has she been to the depths of despair and climbed against all odds to the top. Claire is an uncomplicated woman, wife, mum and business and dog owner who combines her passion and experiences to connect with teenagers and their parents.

Claire is one of the lucky ones, she has found her 'thing' in life and her place in the world, where she combines her extensive experience, formal education background and knowledge of teenage behaviour, positive thinking and optimism and it uses it to help teenagers and their parents step through the adolescents years with ROC; resilience, optimism and confidence.

Claire shares ROC in primary schools, high schools, residential colleges, sporting clubs, boarding facilities, professional development for staff and information sessions for parents and is a regular guest on 6PR's morning show.

Australia's positive voice for teenagers
Claire is Australia's positive voice for teenagers aged 10-18. She's on a mission to raise the profile of teenagers and move beyond the shelves of books in libraries and book stores that teach parents about the seemingly mystical world of adolescents. Rather, she goes where few will dare to go... in a room filled with wide eyed, curious, wary and somewhat nervous teenagers. It's in this space that Claire shines and as WA parent Peta Wallace said after her 12 year old son attended a workshop "Claire is an amazing facilitator with the right amount of cool, compassion and fun!!"

If your school leaders, parent organisations, clubs or conferences want to share Claire's passion for ROC and raising the profile of teenagers everywhere, you will want Claire Eaton to be a part of your next event. Her words speak volumes and her energy is equally inspiring.

ROC - Resilient, Optimistic & Confident
Claire simply wants to show teenagers how to be resilient, optimistic and confident in a myriad of life situations; some predictable and some that come from a place we didn't even know existed.

Claire loves the energy, surprise and unique view of the world that teens can have. Just as we teach teens, they can teach us so much.

"Claire was highly engaging with our young audience and is highly knowledgeable and professional in her approach. The material she presented was appropriate to the year level presented and provided much needed advice and guidance for future success. Will definitely engage Claire's services once again."

~ Christina Habib, Head of Business Studies, Penrhos College, Como, Western Australia
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