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Christoffel Sneijders, Personal Perfromance and Leadership Academy

My passion: bringing out the best in you. 

With this vision in my mind I have developed all my trainings and workshops.  
During our lives we learn many useful and also so many limiting: “beliefs, techniques, skills and behaviours.” Just imagine you could choose which ones to keep, which ones to enhance or install, and ultimately which ones to discard and disconnect from. Your life and the lives of your family, friends and colleagues would be much more satisfying, more fulfilling, and more successful.

My passion and dream is to help you, your family, your team and your company. To equip you/them with the tools, techniques and optimal mindset to make positive life-enhancing choices and decisions. Connecting with our positive authentic selves to activate real personal leadership.  Activating and connecting the HEAD, the HEART and the GUT brain to lead through a positive, creative, courageous and compassionate attitude.

The leadership development, coaching, therapy and consultancy work I have done with over 10,000 people worldwide over the past 25 years has given me amazing insights and learning.  This has been enhanced also through ongoing training, studies and personal development. It is a privilege for me to be able to share this in meaningful and impactful ways to help others. By deepening self-understanding and appreciation, we can help ourselves and others achieve greater health, happiness and success.

My passion is to introduce innovative tools and techniques to guide and support others on this journey.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!




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