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Christian Dimarco

Christian Dimarco is an internationally renowned artist, musician, producer and sound healing facilitator. He began exploring music at an early age and its effects on brainwave entrainment and emotions. He also explored various meditation and breathing techniques, and the use of sound to deepen theses practice. Over the years he learned a myriad of musical instruments, world flutes and didjeridu, together with overtone singing he then developed a unique experiential sound journey titled ‘Shamanic Drone’, weaving tribal sounds to create a surreal experience to enter deeper states of awareness, inner wisdom and empowerment to self healing. He's philosophy is to inspire peace and love through his music, knowing that music traverses all languages and connects to anyone who listens with a gentle heart.

Forever evolving, Christian’s music ranges from ambient to tribal, through to meditation and dance. He’s ongoing releases include brainwave entrainment music, meditation, hybrid cinematic and tribal soundscapes. He is based in Melbourne and often travels to facilitate sound healing ceremonies, workshops, retreats, concerts, and share music at yoga events and lifestyle festivals.

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