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Celeste Wrona

Celeste Wrona is an award winning Australian contemporary artist with over a decade of experience making and teaching visual arts. Her vibrant collection celebrates free-flowing form, texture, and colour. Celeste's works are held in private collections and exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work has recently featured in Channel 7's "House Rules" and on Channel 9's "The Block". Celeste and her work have also been featured in a variety of well-known publications, both in print and online including Vogue Living, Inside Out Magazine and Art Almanac.

Celeste’s work brings together rich textures, vibrant colours and a deep appreciation of organic form and line- resulting in visually stunning pieces that are cementing themselves in today’s contemporary art scene. Her work, rather than critiquing the shortcomings of society, celebrate life as it unfolds before us and the environment in which we live. This can be seen through the ethereal nature of Celeste’s work, which challenges the viewer’s perception by blending together expressive representation and abstraction.

“My studio practice embraces a dynamic and fluid art-making process. I combine methods and materials that juxtapose both a chaotic and intuitive process. I view my work as being multidimensional, something that resonates physically and emotionally with the audience. Being able to transform a phyiscal space into a mindful sanctuary that facilitates a deeper level of personal awareness, taking the viewer to another place. My goal is to invite the viewer to actively construct meaning that encourages them to consider, react, and respond on my work and their internal state simultaneously” - Celeste Wrona

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