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Carbon Valley Help Center

The Carbon Valley Help Center has a mission to help people in immediate need move toward self-sufficiency by unifying Carbon Valley resources. The Center offers referrals and information regarding a variety of regional resources that may be able to help people get back on their feet. The Center can provide temporary food assistance for community residents and their families. Having partnered with the Round Up Foundation, the Center is able to offer financial grants to individuals and families for various needs such as shelter and utilities. Carbon Valley Help Center has also partnered with Firestone, Frederick and Dacono Police Departments to provide assitance to stranded motorists in the form of food boxes and fuel vouchers which can be offered to persons in need.

How can you help? Donations of time, non-perishable food items and funds help us pay the costs associated with continuing our mission. Please attend our yearly fundraiser, the Empty Bowls event, at Frederick High School, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. 

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