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Canberra Creatives

Canberra Creatives are Creative Workshops for people who are interested in art, design, craft and creativity.

The skill levels of these people range from expert artisans, through to never having picked up a paintbrush, sponge dabber, or jar of mod podge in their lives. I’m sure you fit in there somewhere!

The aim of the Canberra Creatives Workshops is to bring various crafts, skills and techniques to you and your friends. Each project is instructed in detail and in a fun environment, so even the least “creative” person will enjoy the workshop from start to finish.

In teaching these workshops I have found that the so-called “non creatives” among us often come up with some of the most imaginative designs. Teaching you new methods, giving you the tools to create, and letting you run with it, is the main aim.

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