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Calming Minds: Clare Milner

Calming Minds aims to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of an individual. Empowering people of all ages with the tools, knowledge and science behind the benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation & Mindset. We provide a range of programmes and resources to support individuals, schools and organisations to come to a greater understanding of how to recognise and simply manage stress. We believe the management of stress through research based relaxation techniques is the foundation for overall wellbeing.

Clare Milner has spent 25years in the corporate world working for National and International Organisations. As Clare is so passionate about people’s overall wellbeing she has been empowering individuals to be high achievers while living a balanced life. Clare has been practicing and teaching Mindfulness and Meditation for over 25yrs. Teaching ages from 3yr olds to 93yr olds, leaving the corporate world behind in 2013 to now focus on her true passion, helping Adults and Children’s wellbeing across Australia; individually, in schools and organisations.

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