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Cairns Sports Performance Clinic

The only dedicated sport psychology clinic in Cairns. Official mental performance & cognitive conditioning coach for Northern Pride, FNQ Heat & QLD Kendo.


With over 4000 individual consultations with 100+ athletes from all levels of competition, Rob Gronbeck is here for athletes whose goals are so great they need every ounce of advantage they can muster. 95% of the competition are NOT training their brains.

Millions of dollars of psychological and neuroscientific research has proved without a shadow of a doubt the human brain's ability to be plastic... through consistent training, your brain can process information faster, fatigue less, and remain focused for longer periods of time. Games are getting faster, and athletes stronger.. the fastest and fittest minds now have the edge.

"Switching off" can be costly... we reduce that risk.

Since February 2014 Robert has facilitated over 2000 Neurotracker 3D multiple object tracking sessions with athletes, coaches and umpires from all levels of competition. With a passion for peak performance, technology and fulfilling a service gap in Cairns for sport psychology training, Robert has brought a new level of training to Far North Queensland.

With a focus on growth mindsets, attentional processes, dual task performance and mastery oriented coaching Robert facilitates measurable improvements in peripheral vision, visual tracking speed and sustained attention.

Robert has been called upon by Basketball Australia, Mountain Bike Australia, and the Northern Pride to assess the focus, concentration, and cognitive processing abilities of their athletes. Additionally he trains clients long term in sports such as kendo, soccer, beach volleyball, basketball, squash, kick boxing, motor racing, AMA supercross, and recently presented his findings at the 8th Victorian Sports Psychology Conference.

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