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Business in Heels - Melbourne

Imagine an event that’s social FIRST, business SECOND. You meet an interesting woman and you just CLICK. You feel compelled to FIND a way to work together or help each other. This is the CORE of Business in Heels. It’s putting amazing ladies together and letting magic happen.

Business in Heels was started in Sydney by producer Jac Bowie and is now proud to launch in Melbourne!

Business in Heels is for the woman who loves business and loves to make new connections and meeting other women, but also loves to do it in a sassy feminine way, over a Martini or champers, with yummy canapés, fancy gift bags and in a fabulous little cocktail dress in a quaint bar.

It's about meeting new friends and having a giggle, just as much as making new connection and developing your brand and business. Since the début BIH event in Sydney in January 2012, BIH has doubled in capacity for each event and has developed a substantial following across the MeetUp, LinkedIn and Facebook groups, with around 700 devotees to the brand in Sydney alone.

Join me and let's make Melbourne just as successful!

Sorry, there are no upcoming events