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Brutal Pixie

Finding the time to develop the strategy to underpin your communication is difficult. The last thing you want is to spend that time creating something that positions you poorly, attracts the wrong market or doesn't help you achieve your goals.

Think strategy first. Then, create content knowing that your foundation is solid, clear, and measurable.

Brutal Pixie's goal is to improve the communication of 50 law firms by 2020. How? Strategy first. "Business strategy" could be anything. With Brutal Pixie it asks whether you compete in a market, or forge new markets. It asks you the brutal questions: What are your key differentiating factors? How do you express those? How do people understand you? And why should they care?

From there we move your communication to fit your unique direction.

Possible outcomes:

* Clear strategic understanding, positioning, and placement
* Strategy alignment (network/corporate/business/functional)
* Working, simple information governance
* Message alignment across all of your business units
* Surfaced, clear, understood and well managed digital risk
* Content that paves your yellow-brick road
* Regular signposting and checks along the way.

Reorient your firm for success. Connect with us at

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