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Bruce Frame

My goal is to help small to medium business owners define their business goals and achieve them. Many businesses are profitable, but they interfere with their owners’ real goals - like spending time with family and friends, or being free to travel without constantly checking in to the office and worrying about how things are going.

If a business is draining all its owner's time and energy it doesn’t matter whether it is financially successful or not ... the owners suffer, their families suffer, and everyone is uncomfortable, if not downright miserable. Working with me you’ll not only define your business goals, we’ll identify the steps needed to achieve them.

I fell into business coaching when the company I managed was in the process of being acquired by a larger company. I had implemented many of the systems which made the company attractive, and I found myself coaching colleagues as we prepared for change. That is when I saw the satisfaction of seeing clients take their businesses from one level of success to their next as we tackle the decisions and changes necessary for progress.

Choosing a business coach is an intensely personal matter, it is a relationship that demands trust, rapport and openness to change. Not every business coach is right for everyone, so I screen applicants carefully before accepting them to ensure that I can add value. At a minimum I expect clients to see their coaching investment reflected in gross profits within 90 days (or else I coach them free until they do).

But, life is not just about business, I also spend time with family and friends and pursue my interests and hobbies and I want to help other people do the same. Whether your passion is Swing Dancing (like mine), travel, vintage cars, or extreme sports, I will help you transform your business from an energy drain into a support vehicle.

Is your business providing you with the lifestyle and income you want? If not, call me, I know I can help you transform your business.

Specialties:As your coach, I will be working with you in five key areas. The key areas are: Sales; Marketing and Advertising; Team Building and Recruitment; Systems and Business Development; and, Customer Service. 

My goal is to help small business owners, spend less time working in their business and more time working on their business. In the end, they'll be spending less total time working and will be making more money.

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