Brooke Bird - HOPE with Brooke

I am Brooke Bird. I am a passionate Earth and animal lover, mother of three and wife to a tradie.

I spent more than 20 years of my life immersed in the Allopathic (medical) model of Health Care. I lived that life deeply asleep, blindly following, and not questioning anything. It sadly took the tragic loss of both my father and step-father (of which I believe their deaths were completely preventable), for me to wake and live my life with intent and purpose.

I now live by the word HOPE which is not just positivity and a feeling of trust, but for me is most importantly an acronym for, Helping Open People’s Eyes. Opening people’s eyes to a natural way of living and being. When we know better, we can do better, be empowered and make better choices for ourselves and our communities.

My mission is to connect people to their true source of health and vitality with the gifts that nature herself provides. We are of Nature, therefore that which we need to heal us, should come from Nature. I believe we were born to connect, to create and to share - incredible relationships, knowledge, wisdom, resources - to collaborate and to be of service to one another - it’s what we are made for.