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Brisbane Teen

Lauren Stark BHSc (Naturopath & Nutritionist)

Lauren commenced Naturally For you Health & Wellness with a passion to inspire the community she shares with her fam

Welcome to Brisbane Teen!


Who is Brisbane Teen you ask? It is essentially Health & Wellness for Tweens & Teens.


This is the project of two delightful Brisbane naturopaths & Mums to Brisbane tweens & teens - Lauren & Jenny who are insanely passionate about supporting Brisbane tweens & teens to become the shining stars they are within.


There will be fun workshops for families of tweens and teens - with vital information for parents such as:

- what food and nutrition a growing teen needs, 
- fabulous easy recipes to feed your teen,
- what is happening with their bodies from 9-18yrs (hint - lots!!!!), 
- their moods (ay yai yai!),
- how to manage skin changes etc.

In other workshops, we will also cover more specific topics such as:
- anxiety & stress, 
- nutrition for young athletes, 
- digestive issues, 
- hormonal issues, 
- skin complaints, 
- disordered eating etc.

We offer personal treatment plans by appointment for teens and their families for a variety of support from dietary changes through to gut dysbiosis and skin conditions.

Dates and workshops will be ongoing so stay tuned for dates.  We both love to spread knowledge and education and also can attend your events as a guest speaker.

We look forward to meeting you for your own personal treatment plan or at one of our upcoming workshops.

For more information you can contact us by email or if you prefer a chat call on the below numbers.

X Lauren & Jenny


Lauren Stark BHSc (Nat)- 0403 772 806
Jenny Carter BHSc (Nat) - 0408 883 275

ily and children to make the necessary changes to live a healthy, vibrant and fabulous life. Lauren achieves this by facilitating educational seminars, workshops and private consultations.

She has a keen interest in education on everyday food choices, cooking and special nutritional needs, digestive conditions, weight management, children and adolescent health, reducing stress, anxiety support. She is also madly passionate about Sports Nutrition for everyday athlete in a variety of sports from the weight training, recreational team sports to the long distance runner.

Lauren takes a balanced and practical approach by listening to you and setting realistic treatment plans based on your health and lifestyle, empowering you with the tools and knowledge to make the necessary changes to achieve your personal health goals. 

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