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Hi, I’m Brie, your happy, bubbly, caring, snuggly cuddle therapist. And your official Cuddle Huddle Host.


About a year ago I was going through life starved of touch and not even realising it. Not able to be with other people touching me unless they were my partner. I had lots of insecurities around other people and what they thought of me.


Long story short, my journey to enjoying hugs took about a year, I went from resisting hugs and not hugging anybody, to loving hugs and hugging at every available opportunity.


In 1 short year I’ve completely changed my view of physical intimacy, and now I want to make that available for others. Touch doesn’t equal sex, Intimacy doesn’t equal love. Each has its own important role to play in a person's life, but there can be plenty of enjoyable touch and intimacy without sex.


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