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Brian Borowsky

Imparta is a global company that creates lasting improvements in sales, marketing and service. 

We power the customer-centric organisation. 

We focus on sales, marketing and service because we believe those three customer-facing parts of the organisation play a huge role in the value created for its customers, and for its shareholders.

We believe that our content  researched and refined over many years  is more rigorous, practical and effective than anything else you'll find. And we're flexible enough to create training that fits exactly with what you need.

But we also know that good training is not enough. You need to understand how adults learn, and what stops them. So we have invested a decade and millions of pounds in developing ourCapability Building® System: a powerful toolkit that can make any training or cultural change stick.

We put as much emphasis on what happens after the training as on the training itself.”

This modular, 'best of breed' approach defines what good looks like, gets the organisation on board, builds skills through bite-sized learning, simulations and application workshops, then helps it all to stick through coaching, application tools, reinforcement and impact measurement. We put as much emphasis on what happens after the training as on the training itself, and work with you to create a lasting and measurable impact on performance.

Global in scope, Imparta is the 'expert's expert'. We teach sales to some of the world’s leading sales forces, including GE and O2, marketing to industry-leading companies such as the WPP Group and Lloyds TSB, and service to customer-focused organisations such as Microsoft and npower. We also practice what we preach; our internal Sales Academy made us one of very few training companies around the world to grow throughout the recession.

Because our strategy is to work closely with a small number of companies, we are always happy to spend time sharing our insights and discussing your issues before we even start thinking about you as a client.

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