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Bren Murphy, MindBodyCalm

Hi, I'm Bren Murphy. I used to be bloated, exhausted and always-chasing-a-little-bit-more - then I quit drinking and smoking and eating junk and working night shift and pretty much everything and embarked on a life transforming personal development journey. I made a decision to enrich my life with positivity - and to let go of complaining, whining and that bad habit of taking offence at the slightest opportunity.

Let's face it - generating Energy and Passion and Happiness is a choice - EVERYDAY - that I am responsible for and I am living my life by this simple truth.

I do yoga classes most days and I run a few times a week along the beach. I have a half dozen chickens in my backyard, and I grow native Australian plants - tree ferns and kentia palms - in my acre of beachside rainforest. I try not to drive, I hardly eat meat, I ride my skateboard, I meditate and I write long blogposts.

Life is pretty good with my wife of eleven years, and my three spirited and amazingly beautiful daughters.

  • I bought a brand new top floor apartment while I was still in my 20s
  • I bought, sold and started businesses
  • I two wrote books (here's the link to buy one of them)
  • I run half marathons
  • I spent a week in detox/rehab
  • I count my dedication to yoga as one of my greatest assets

I want to help you LIFT and find INSPIRATION and ENERGY to be a part of your best life.

No matter what has happened in your past - no matter how far you might have slipped - no matter how far distant your goal or your dream may be - things can change quicker than you realise and you can be living a new life very quickly.

There's a few simple things you can take on board right now, if you're ready, and I'm going to talk about these in my Wednesday Webinar - which I am inviting you to, right now.

If you have an hour on a Wednesday night - (it might mean you miss a TV show) you can get a glimpse of what actions you can take right now to turn your life into a more positive and fulfilling experience.

It's really a choice - are you ready for change and accepting responsibility - or are you ok with ok and just want to let thngs slide?

See you at the Weboinar on Wednesday - reserve your place here....

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