Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Hi there, Im a Brisbane based womens' self-care & wellness coach. 

As a health concious mum, I believe we change the world through how we parent our children, so the work on ourselves the better off next generation will be. That means I love sharing natural health alteratives with mums (like essential oils for a wide range of uses), while also supporting them to practice emotional self care, kindness and compassion in their lives. 

Essential oils and chemical free DIY solutions are something I use in my household and family everyday, so if you are curious about natural solutions for mood support, cleaning your home, better sleep etc.. lets explore how they can benefit you and your family too!

My professional training includes studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, HypnoBirthing, self-renewal coaching, and the Fertile Body approach.

I look forward to working with you and transforming your mind, body or overall wellness approach!


xxx Bree

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