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Bohomofo : Kerrie Basha

Kerrie Basha is Bohomofo, an Australian writer and storyteller originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. An experienced tarot reader, Kerrie offers insightful readings online that combine her unique perspective with her connection to the seen and unseen worlds. Having completed study over the past two decades in herbalism, energy healing, crystal healing, flower essence therapy, shamanic witchcraft and astrology combined with a deep love of mythology and stories, Kerrie is a transformation guide and shadow worker. Kerrie has crafted signature programs on Shadow, Intuition, Ritual and living a cyclical life aligned with the earth and sky.

Kerrie offers online events every dark and full moon and hosts a community coven on Patreon for those keen to align themselves to the natural cycles of earth and sky. Kerrie writes regularly on the dance of the planets and stuff that stirs our collective soul via her Bohomofo pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can find out more about Kerrie and her offerings at

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