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Bliss You

My name is Carmel, operator of 'Bliss You' - my interest in bringing ease and comfort to the human body has long been a part of my life. Stemming from the love of sports from a young age and on through adulthood I’ve experienced my own injuries and changes as the body changes with age and lifestyle.

I have great interest in and have applied study and research into the ways the human body can be supported, readjusted and with kind, mindful practice brought into balance with self-care and healthy lifestyle changes and assisted movements in self-massage.

So, simple easy to follow, convenient and immediate results are experienced when you Roll-to-Release. Roll out the body in a considered safe way with the correct tools will do no harm but will bring about release of painful knots in your muscles and fascia, ease out your painful and tight plantar fascia, lengthen and stretch your muscles and increase range of motion.

I look forward to helping you help yourself. With the right tools and education you’ll have at your fingertips the ways and means of making adjustments to your own body with benefits extending to a healthier mind and mood.

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